Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Latest Photos Of Kyla

Had to share these photos of Kyla. She is growing up so fast. The first one is of her and her father working on their laptops the other day. It is so cute to watch her acting like a grown-up. If she sees Mommy, Daddy, or someone else working on their laptop, then she has to get hers and "do some work too."

The second one is of her showing off her new fuzzy pink slippers. Some wonderful women from Brad's office sent them to her in a beautiful Care Basket. There was a special treat in the basket for each of us, including Little Chili Pepper.

The last two photos are of Kyla singing and dancing to one of her most favorite songs...Dancing Queen by ABBA. She has 5 favorite songs that she has to hear each time we get into the car...and they have to be played in the same order. It starts with the "Clap Clap" song (aka We Will Rock You by Queen) and is followed by We Are The Champions, also by Queen. Then "The Other Queen Song" has to play. That would be Dancing Queen by ABBA, followed by my personal favorite, "The Water Song" more widely known as Waterloo. After those songs play, then we listen to Daddy's songs...which is anything by John Denver. For such a young child, she sure does have ecletic taste in music, but I guess that I should have known that when I saw her rocking out to Iron Man by Ozzy when she was less than a year old!

Hope you all are doing well and having a great day!

Kara, Kyla, & Little Chili Pepper