Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pictures From The Hannah Montana 3-D Concert Viewing Party

Well, Kyla hosted her first party. We had 5 screaming girls and 2 boys trying to act "indifferent" to the concert excitement.

Ky picked selected her outfit days ago.

Dylan modeled his glasses.

Mikey reluctantly wore his.

My daddy's girl even had her own personal glasses holder.

Front row seats as the singing begins.

Aunt Tina even got into the action with her own pair of 3-D glasses.

The kids danced...

And jumped on the furniture...

And posed for the camera...

And made silly faces.

Kyla and her daddy even had a special dance number...

complete with a twist...

and a lift! Impressive, don't you think?

And as the credits rolled, so did the tears.

Hopefully she will be so exhausted that she willingly falls into bed. I seriously doubt it, but a mom can hope.

Are You Prepared?

We are.


are waiting on the coffee table.


is waiting to be devoured.

And the

is waiting to be worn.

8:00 pm is that magical hour when I get to see my little girls (and boy) dance and sing to their favorite performer.

And to quote this performer...

It is "the best of both worlds" for me to watch.

Enjoy the concert.