Monday, August 18, 2008


No school tomorrow...thanks to "Soon-To-Be" Hurricane Fay. (Atleast we got the First Day under our belt...)

Looks like the Hurricane Party with be as Scarlet O'Kara's!

My Daughter...The Kindergartner...

still cannot believe that my first born is old enough to be in Kindergarten. Wow! Where did the time go?

Last night, we had a special dinner to celebrate her last day as a Preschooler. Daddy grilled chicken and then we made a spinach salad. According to Kyla, "It was real yummy!" She also ate a huge piece of brownie before putting on her jammies and heading off to bed. After that, Brad & I made sure that everything was ready so that the morning rush wouldn't be so crazy.

Kyla must have had some jitters because she woke up early after having a nightmare about snakes. (As much as we have tried to avoid it, looks like she has inherited Daddy's fear of snakes and Mommy's fear of spiders.)

She was a little out-of-sorts to begin with...

But perked up once the "First Photos" began...

Then we loaded up the Jeep and off to school we went.

She even called Mom Mom & Papa to let them know that she was on her way to school! Loved hearing her excited voice...sounding so grown up.

The goal was to be up at 6...dressed and out the door by 7:15...and at school by 7:30 in order to have breakfast together before walking to her classroom by 8. Sounds like a great plan, but being the novice parents of a child in Elementary School...we didn't take into consideration that all the other mommies & daddies would also want to follow that same routine.

After half an hour in traffic trying to get into the parking lot, we quickly walked her to class. No leisurely breakfast today. Good thing she had eaten some chocolate chip muffins in the car.

She was such a brave girl. No quivering voice...just her tiny hand holding tightly to daddy's.

We did our hugs and kisses out in the hallway...

after all, she isn't a baby anymore...

can't let her new classmates see her do that!

Then we stepped inside the classroom.

The uncertainty returned...

until KK turned around...

When we last saw her, she was busy at her spot...surrounded by new friends.

(Did you notice that the three little girls near her all wearing practically the same outfit!)

Now, I am sitting at home. Bryleigh and Kadence are napping and Mommy is sad...missing my Kyla-girl.

How long before I can pick her up?