Sunday, November 9, 2008

One Year Ago Today (Part II)...

I woke up feeling as good as a 41 week pregnant woman could feel. The previous nights rest was peaceful and I was making plans to head back for another acupuncture appointment. At my husband's urging, I stopped by my doctor's to be examined...just in case. He was noticing that my stomach was doing "strange" things...

The nurse practitioner could not believe how calm I was because she said that I was between 4 - 5 cm open, over 80% thinned, and in active labor. She wanted me to head immediately over to the hospital and check in. That plan was a big no-go for me because I wasn't hospital bag and my husband was at work in a I made a deal that I would go right home, get packed and return with Brad within the hour. Well, as I was driving home, Kyla's preschool called to report that she is sick. So, I made a detour to pick her up. No one could believe that I was in active labor because I was smiling and laughing! I just kept telling them how wonderful HypnoBirthing is.

Here are the two posts that I made that day. One before I headed to the hospital and the other later in the day.

And these were a couple of the photos from that day...

This first one is of me snuggling on the couch with my sick preschooler.

Sorry that it is blurry. My husband was so nervous. He wanted me to be in the hospital already. Had visions on having to deliver Bryleigh in the garden tub in our bathroom!

This one is of me smiling while filling out all of the necessary paperwork.

I think it took almost 15 minutes to complete everything...and that was after I had preregistered the month before!

This last photo is not the best shot of me. It was taken late in the evening. I was starving and begging for food, but all I got was a cup of ice chips and the tiny bites of contraband food that my family covertly passed my way when the hospital staff was out of the room.

I told all that my stomach was huge!

Come back again tomorrow for another flashback in celebration of Bryleigh's 1st Birthday!