Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do You Have Nomophobia?

My husband does...and a really bad case of it too! Apparently, it is the fear of being without his cell phone or out of cell range. And he is not the only one that has this phobia. Some 53% of cell phone owners suffer from it too!

The man who I love with all of my being cannot live without his cell phones...and yes, I did mean to use the plural form of the word. My husband has two...count phones. He says that this is perfectly normal because one is a personal cell phone and the other is a work cell phone. I think it is because he wants to make sure that one phone is always available for someone to reach him.

When we are in the car together, he is usually talking on one phone while the other is ringing. He has also nearly caused accidents because of the need to check his messages while driving. And lets not forget about the times that he sits in his car in the driveway for 30+ minutes, talking on the phone. Why? It is a mobile phone. Mobile means that you can move and take the phone with you!

But you know what is really funny...with two cell phones on his person at all times, he sure is a hard person to get in touch with. Wonder why?