Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tag...I'm It...

The thanks goes to Mad About Plaid Girl who tagged me. Now I am suppose to write five random things about myself...Only five? Too many random things to choose from! Not sure if I can take the pressure this late at night. Let me take another sip of my yummy Greek tea and collect my random thoughts...

(1) I hate tomatoes. Hate the taste and texture, but love the smell of fresh grown tomatoes on the vine. How weird is that?!?! But when I was pregnant with my daughters, I ate tomatoes like crazy. After the hormones settled down again, back to hating them.

(2) Have to glance in and around the toilet before I use it...even at home. I am afraid that a snake will be there, ready to strike me on my lily-white bottom...or a deadly spider under the seat that will kill me in days because of it deadly toxin! Those Urban Legends have really got me messed up!

(3) One of my favorite toys when I was a preschooler was a rubber alligator that squeaked. Because of that, I decided to become a Florida Gator! When I was in high school, I would have Florida Gator Week and wear nothing but Orange & Blue outfits. Loved the Gators so much that I told my high school boyfriend that I would break up with him if he didn't accept the football scholarship to UF. He went, played, and graduated...and I had a blast hanging out with the team. (And get your minds out of the gutter...I was and still am a "good" girl)

(4) Driving relaxes me. From the day I earned my license, I have taken drives to calm down and / or de-stress. I usually volunteer to drive whenever I go out with friends or family...and even make my husband ride shotgun. That drives him nuts! Cannot take random drives anymore because of the horrible cost of gas right now...so I have to think of another way to relax myself.

(5) I cannot take a shower without cleaning it. I am usually scrubbing down the walls while I shampoo and condition my hair. Then I spray down the glass enclosure before I step out. It just seems so much easier to clean it while I am cleaning myself.

O.K. Did I pick some good "random" things about me? Do you think I am a complete nut job?

OK...now it is my turn to tag some other bloggers that I "stalk" on a regular basis.

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And I am also going to tag my dear friend, Susan, who lives in Scotland. She doesn't blog (yet), but she reads my blog all the time. We have been friends for so many years that I've lost count. Love you! This should give you something fun to do at work! Hug Russ & Cara for me.

Have fun ladies!

Guess What I Got!

My surprises from my Preppy Spring Swap Partner. Yeah!

Here is my huge box of goodies...I could not wait to open it up.

She sent a note detailing what everything is and even used one of the note cards that I sent with her gift.

S - Spring Scents

They smell wonderful!

P - Preppy Printed Box

How in the world did my Swap Buddy know that Chocolate Brown and Pink are two of my favorite colors!

R - Refreshing Treats

A package of Greek Tea and it smells so delicious! As I am writing this post...guess what I am drinking?!?! It tastes yummy too! Thanks again! I am going to have to find out where I can order more of this stuff! I love tea and usually have a cup (or two or three) every day.

And then there is this luscious looking bar of hazelnut chocolate...also from Greece. Now I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of fine chocolate, but I do have to admit that this will be the first time that I have ever had the pleasure of trying Greek Chocolate. Will have to post later about my first taste.

I - Ice Pop Maker

The kids and I are going to have so much fun making Popsicles this summer. You know it's Spring Time in Sunny, Florida when the ice cream man starts trolling the neighborhood. And with this star-shaped Popsicle maker, we can avoid going anywhere near that scary-looking dude! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

N - Note Cards

How cute are these note cards! I love the Cherry Blossoms on them. Pink and pale spring green is also a favorite color combination of mine. Will have to write a thank you note to my thoughtful partner.

G - Garden Of Cherry Blossoms

Now this is something really thoughtful. It is a wonderful photo of some Cherry Blossoms. The photo was taken by my Swap Partner. She had this lovely view outside of her apartment in Greece. How breathtaking would that be to wake up to the luscious site of cherry blossoms.

And then I also got an added bonus

Not only is my sweet partner a gifted photographer, but she is also a talented knitter. She made these wonderful dish cloths. They are almost too pretty to use...

Thanks again for putting together this wonderful box for me! I love all of it...