Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Have Resigned Myself To The Fact That...

my daughters not only look like their father, but they are walking, talking hormones like him too!

From the time that I was pregnant with Kyla, she has surrounded herself with members of the opposite sex. Her first boyfriend was Diego

and she would kiss the TV whenever she saw him. Diego was soon replaced by all four of The Wiggles.

Recently she has been telling everyone that Eli Manning is her boyfriend.

I was worried about her choice in "older" men...but last night I felt alot better. She was kissing the TV while watching "The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody"...

at least they are a bit closer to her age.

Bryleigh seems to be following along the same path. Her two closed buddies are the young sons of my girlfriends that I walk with every day. She just cannot make up her mind between "Linc" the older man and "W" the younger man that she can walk all over and take toys from.

Just yesterday, my father pointed out to me that Bryleigh completely ignores babies that wear pink,

but turns into quite the coquette when she sees a baby wearing blue!

Should I send them off to an All-Girl Boarding School on a remote Mountain Top now? Or just learn how to be "The Scary Mom" that frightens all potential boyfriends away?