Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr. O'Kara is doing alot better.

His most recent diagnosis was that nothing cardiac related was wrong. It appears that when he was sick with the flu a couple weeks ago and coughing all the time...he either pulled a muscle and / or strained some of the connective tissues in his chest and rib cage area. All of his EKGs, blood tests, Cat Scans, and such came back negative for any Cardiac trouble and he is in "perfect" health for his age. The only thing that he needs to work on is the same that most people are suppose to his diet, get more exercise, and reduce the amount of stress that he has. I get to spend more time trying to convince him to get into shape and stay healthy. Maybe our new Weight-Loss Challenge will do the trick. If he loses enough weight to get to his goal, then he gets a new flat screen TV. If I reach my weight goal, then I get that same amount of money to spend on new landscaping for the house.

Wish me luck...I am heading out for another 5 mile walk. I have some weight to lose...Beach Season is almost here!

Hope you all are having a great Sunday...and remembered to move your clocks ahead before you went to bed last night!