Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Cruel Things That Siblings Do To Each Other

Growing up, my older sister and I loved to torment our baby sister. It seems to be a favorite pass time for the two of us to dream up new ways to torture (but not hurt) the baby of the family. Why did we want to make her life miserable? Because we "always" had to babysit or take her with us when going out with friends.

Well, all these awful things have now become favorite stories for our kids to request to be told over and over again. Many a family gathering will end with us sitting around sharing the many terrible things that she was put thru. And being a good-hearted and forgiving person, she just sits and smiles...as well as adding details that we left out.

The all time favorite story took place on Halloween when an enlisted friend dressed me up in his military camo, complete with face paint...and he did such a great job that no one knew who I was. As I was getting ready for bed that night, I heard baby sis getting ready for bed too. She had just arrived home and was not around earlier to see me all dressed up.

Well the "evil older sister" in me decided to wait until she when into the bathroom and then see if I could scare her. The military issue knife that my friend let me borrow would come in handy as a great prop too.

Now little sister had grown wise to the horrid ways of her older sisters. She locked the bathroom door...but that didn't stop me. I put the knife between my teeth...quietly picked the lock...threw the door open...jumped into the middle of the room...and screamed like a mad person.

Poor little girl was so surprised and scared that she screamed, tried to jump up off the potty, got her feet tangled up in her pants, fell back down on the potty, then slide between the toilet and tub where she became stuck. And that is when I started laughing...

Well in honor of my baby sister who still loves me after all of the evil things that I did to her, why don't you tell me something evil that you did to one of your siblings?