Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This Hits Me Hard...

as both a mother and a Buccaneers fan. Today, the infant son of one of the Bucs players died unexpectedly. Here is the story link.

My heart weeps for their loss. I just want to wake my girls up to hold them close.

More Prayers For My Aunt Mary Ann...

Recently, I had made a request for prayers and warm thoughts in regards to my Aunt Mary Ann. Due to some recent medical results, I would like to make another request.

[This is a picture of her braiding Kyla's hair shortly after Bryleigh was born]

She has been undergoing a month of radiation treatment and just received the results of a recent bone marrow test. Unfortunately, there is cancer in her marrow. While this is not the results that we had all hoped for, it will not deter her from making a full recovery.

During our conversation shortly after she received the news, we talked about her situation. She said that she would only allow herself to be emotional over this news briefly. After that, she would pick herself up and continue to fight.

She has plans to continue with the rest of her radiation treatments, as well as to talk with her oncologist about the next steps in treatment. The goal is to have chemo and then be in complete remission within 3 months.

Please pray for her safe and speedy recovery as well as relief from the pain. She recently retired from her job with plans of relaxing at home, enjoying her grandchildren, and taking care of her mother (my grandma) who just moved in. Plus Kyla and her have plans to sew dresses and pot holders for really special Christmas Gifts...and to use my Aunt's words..."I can't let a little girl down"...

Again, I will try to post an update as soon as I get one.

Thanks in advance for all of your time.

The power of prayer is an awesome thing!

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