Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sorry that it has been a couple days since my last post,

but there have been some new developments in regards to my precocious preschooler and her "fiance". Thought I might catch all of you up on the details.

1) The husband finally came to his senses and had a talk not only with our darling daughter, but also with our nephew. He told Mikey that as the only boy in a family full of girls, he had to take more responsibility in regards to his friends and what their intentions were towards his sisters and cousins. And because he was lucky enough to be blessed with some really cute female relatives, he would also learn that some boys will want to be his friend just so that they can have introductions.

They decided that Mikey needed to make sure that his friends knew that it was not "cool" for them to date his sisters or cousins. Plus, the two oldest girls would be heading off to elementary school with him in the fall, so he also needed to take care and watch over them at school.

During the whole conversation, Mikey just stared at him with wide eyes, shaking his head and saying "Yes, Sir."

2) The "talks" must have worked because the next day at the bus stop, Mikey pulled So&So aside and told him that he was not allowed to kiss Kyla any more. Later that afternoon, Kyla also told him that she was not allowed to kiss him. That her hugs and kisses were only for her daddy, mommy, sister, mom mom, papas, aunts, uncles, and cousins. She was too young for a boyfriend and needed to enjoy life.

After that, all the kids played really well together...but there was still some unspoken "kiddie crush" tension in the air.

3) Sunday afternoon, we had another beautiful day in Sunny, FL. We loaded up the vehicles and headed to the beach for a couple hours of fun. Mike asked if he could bring his BFF and since all was understood, the approval was granted. Well, when Kyla heard that So&So was joining us, she was beside herself with excitement. She begged and pleaded with me to let her ride in the same car as the boys. She wanted to sit beside her boyfriend! Guess where she got to ride?!?! I'll give you one guess...in my car where I could keep a close eye on my little raggin' hormone girl! She cried and cried, telling me what an awful mommy I was. That because of me, she would never be able to marry him! Poor Baby Girl!

At the beach, all went well for the most part. The boys played with their action figurines...

while the girls built sand castles...

Every once in a while, the two star-crossed lovers would cast longing glances at each other, then look quickly away. The two of them just seemed so sad...

I was starting to feel pretty mean until a group of 4 or 5 high school boys walked by. My sweet precious Princess Pumpkin Pie dropped her sand bucket, straightened her flowery bikini, flashed her brightest smile, and said "Hi boys!"

Does anyone have the name of a good convent in the mountains?