Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's A Mom To Do?

On the way to Yoga class, I dropped my girls off at the P's house. My oldest daughter asked to play outside with her cousins and a neighbor boy who is the same age as my nephew, which is around 7 year old. The young boy is really very nice and helpful. He plays with the younger children and makes sure that they are not getting into trouble...or so I thought.

As I walk out the front door after leaving my youngest inside with her grandfather, my niece and nephew come running up to me chanting...

"Kyla and So&So were making out!"


"Kyla and So&So were making out!"

As I pick myself off the ground and try to perform chest compressions on myself to restart my heart, I look over at my angelic little 4 1/2 year old. She is sitting beside So&So, holding his hand!

I calmly walk over to them, tell her to go inside with her younger sister and grandfather, and tell So&So that he should probably go home because I am sure that his mother is getting ready to serve dinner.

That is when my precious baby girl tries to kill me again by saying...

"I love So&So and he loves me. We are going together and plan on getting married!"

Needless to say, I was a little late to class...and I really needed the stress relief after this!

And do you want to know what my husband said to me when I called about the problem?

"At least she likes boys. Remember she told us a few months ago that she loved the new little girl in her preschool class."

I could have smacked him! This is all his fault! He is the walking, talking hormone! And my Pumpkin Ky is just like him!

Do you think it's too early to send her to an All-Girl Boarding School?