Monday, February 4, 2008

What A Great Super Bowl!

What a great Super Bowl! I think this is the first Super Bowl in years that I actually spent more time watching the game than eating and analyzing the commercials! As a matter of fact, the only commercial that I really remember is the one about the clydesdale doing the "Rocky" like work out in order to make the hitch team.

Going into the game, I really was not a fan of either team, but especially not the Patriots. There is something about the smug attitude of the entire team that really rubs me the wrong way. Then you read all the stories about the "cheating" going on by the taping the other teams at practice or reading the lips of a coach...come on. Win games on your abilities!

And then there is the Patriots quarterback...Tom Brady. Just seeing him makes my skin crawl. He is a "dead beat dad" that is being glorfied by the media and fans! This sperm donor...cannot even call him a father...has a beautiful baby boy with a former girlfriend. You never see him with his child or even hear him talking about the baby. How selfish and self-centered!?!?! You may not love the mother any more, but your child is innocent. I am so glad that the baby's mother had the common sense to use her last name and not his.

But that is enough of my rant on the Patriots...

I wanted the Giants to win simply because I wanted to see the Patriots lose! And boy did they lose! I was on the edge of my seat watching those last few minutes fly off the clock!

Kyla was so excited to see the Giants win. For some time, she has been talking almost nonstop about Eli Manning and telling us that he is her boyfriend. It really is cute to watch her as she is watching his games. When his face is shown on TV, she sighs and talks about how cute he is.

I had to attach some photos of him so that she could look at him...

And this last photo says it all...