Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And We Let These People Vote?

Today was the Florida Primaries and I had the following event happen to me. Could not believe that people like this can actually vote for our laws and government leaders!

Before Bryleigh and I picked up Kyla from school, we stopped by the local library to return some items. It just so happened that the library was also a polling place. As we were leaving, I heard someone call out to me..."Excuse me..."

I walked over to the car to see what I could help the young woman with.

She proceeds to ask me if I went into the library to return / check out a book or to vote. I told her that I was returning some items, but that they were still voting inside. She then asked me a question that I am still having a hard time believing..."Can I go inside and vote here even if the person that I plan to vote for is not listed on any of the signs outside?"

I had to quickly suppress my shock before replying that as long as you are a registered voter and that the library is your appointed polling place, then you can vote for the person of your choice listed on the ballot...even if their name is not on any of the political signs outside.

She breathed a sigh of relief, parked her car, and went inside to vote...possibly for the person who could be the next leader of our country...Scary thought, isn't it?