Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bryleigh & The Bear

I had to post these two photos. Just took them moments ago. Bryleigh is on the floor playing with her Baby Gym. Kyla decided to let her sissy play with her Papa Bear. And it was "Love at First Sight" for Bryleigh. She has been hugging and kissing the bear ever since. Kyla wasn't too sure about it and kept telling us that sissy could only borrow her bear...

I am a lucky girls love each other and that makes my heart sing.

What a great show!

What a great show! We both really enjoyed the show and said that we would see it again and again! Not too many shows that we say that about...Only Phantom Of The Opera, Les Miserables, and Momma Mia.

Might even invest in the Soundtrack. Already downloaded some songs onto my Ipod. It was really nice to actually get the background on the songs that we all know and still sing. Really puts a new feel to them the next time you hear them and start to sing.

It was also so nice for the two of us to have a "real" date night. Just the two of us. To reconnect and be Brad & Kara, not mommy & daddy. We even made the goal to have a date night at least once a month...just the two of us.

And you will all be happy to hear that both Kyla and Bryleigh "survived" their evenings. Kyla had a great time with Mom Mom & Papa. The three of them watched Underdog...but only Kyla was still awake by the end of the movie. Bryleigh also had a good time with Aunt Mick. The two of them played for a long time...but she wasn't too sure about the bottle. Guess that is why she presented Micki with a huge "blow-out"...all over her clothes, the blanket, and who knows what else. That was her third for the day...and she had another one this morning during Sunday School. All over her new dress as well as the clothes that her Sunday School teacher was wearing! Hope she isn't getting sick...