Monday, August 4, 2008

Blog Train Tuesday - (Updated)

Care to join us?

I learned about it from this post...and then had to head over to here and here to get all the necessary details and directions.

So, now that you know the background, are you jumping on board too?

And for all of my Blog Train Guests...

Sit down for a glass of wonderful tasting Southern Sweet Tea

and some yummy Homemade Cheese Straws

while you read a little about me.

Two Weeks From Today...

my first born baby girl will be enjoying her first day of Kindergarten...and I will be crying my eyes out!

Recently, we attended Kindergarten Round-up where she was able to visit the school and meet some of the teachers. During the event, she enjoyed sitting at a desk...

as well as some circle time...

I begged & pleaded with the principle to ensure that her cousin, K-K, is in the same class. Figured that it would make the transition a little easier for the two of them. I only had to agree to be the Class Mom, as well as volunteer for PTA duty.

Poor Kadence is going to be as sad as I am with the older kids being back in school.

Guess that means that Bryleigh, her, & I will have to join a local MOMs Club to keep us busy while class is in session.

Can you believe that three out of the five kids will now be in Elementary School? Where did the time go?