Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Man Should Have Been Fixed A Long Time Ago!

Do you remember the story about the single father of 9 who abandoned his children? Well guess what...he's going to be a father again! And according to some news agencies, the girlfriend is expecting twins! When asked why he'll be able to handle the parenting better this time, he said it's because he won't have to do it alone. Give me a break! What a self-centered jerk!

This news is being announced just days after he gives up all of his parental rights to the abandoned children...saying that he could not handle the stress and didn't have the desire to be a parent after his wife and the mother of the children died shortly after giving birth to the youngest. He had said that he never wanted to be a parent again.

Guess he lied about that too...

Those poor children. Why can deadbeats have so many children but good, decent people are left childless?