Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thank You All...

for the wonderful responses. She has been so busy today that there has not been time to be upset.

Our day started out with picking up Great Grandma. She came with us and enjoyed Kyla's Saturday morning dance class. Afterwards, we went to eat donuts before helping Great Grandma finish all of her Christmas Shopping. Later in the afternoon, we took a very tired Great Grandma home and made a surprise visit to Santa and Mrs Claus. Nothing like a Ho Ho Ho to perk a little girl up.

Now we have been enjoying a couple hours of "down time" at home before heading out after the sunsets to enjoy a "Walk Thru Bethlehem"...followed by driving around town to enjoy the Christmas lights. She will be in absolute heaven...'cause PaPa Ron will be with us!

It still boggles my mind that another parent would knowingly exclude a child from a birthday party. It would be one thing if the class was huge, but there is only 16 other children in the class...and with the attendee rule...about 8 - 10 children will not attend the party. I have always told Kyla that if she is inviting one classmate...then she invited them all. The same way with special gifts and notes to her class. No one is excluded.

And for those that were wondering about her invitation being undelivered...I did check with the teacher to see if her invitation was misplaced because she wasn't at school on Monday. The teacher said that the invitations were all mailed to the kids home except for the two new kids in class! My sister and mother asked the little boy's mom about it when they RSVPd. They were told that she could come, but only because she was KK's cousin. Needless to say, she did not go...although, I was tempted (by the little devil sitting on my shoulder) to send along a birthday gift. Good thing the little angel talked me out of it!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend. We are headed out to walk in the footsteps of Joseph and Mary.