Saturday, October 27, 2007

Build-A-Bear Trip

Hey There...

Just wanted to give a quick update...and don't get too excited, I am not in labor!!!

We took Kyla to the mall last night to make a special teddy bear for her baby sister. She has been asking for a couple of weeks now to go to Build-A-Bear and make a special teddy bear for her Baby Chili Pepper.

When we arrived, she knew exactly what teddy bear she wanted for her sister, as well as what sound to put inside the bear. She recorded her voice saying..."I love you Baby Chili Pepper". She even had a name picked out...Luna. Her Papa Jan tried really hard to get her to pick a different bear, but she would not be swayed. She was also able to pick out a Pink Poodle for herself, using the Birthday Gift Card that she had received from her Uncle Johnny, Aunt Cindi, and Baby Nick.

After kissing two hearts to put inside her special bear, she was off to pick out the clothes for the bear to wear. A t-shirt that read "It's A Girl", a denim mini skirt, and even some underpants...because she didn't want Luna's "tootie" showing! She also picked out a Tinker Belle outfit for her poodle to wear as well as another name of her choosing...Cheeta Girl.

Hope you all enjoy the photos. Because they were taken at a distance, the camera was able to get enough of a wide angle to capture all of my enormous girth!

Take care and relax again in the knowledge that I am not in labor and will be going to my regularly scheduled appointment on Monday. Expect another update at that time.

Have a great day!

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Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

How fun!I should have purchased stock in Build a Bear. We have so many bears, rabbits, monkeys and not to mention full outfits.