Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Halloween Fun

Well, we all had a blast last night. The three girls looked so cute in their costumes and the older girls even got into the festive fun. Couldn't get the men to participate, but that isn't unusual.

As you can see from the photos, Kyla was Tinker Belle and it fit her personality perfectly. She was in constant motion...a little ball of burning energy and light! Hannah was the cutest little bat, while Hailey was such an angelic little Angel. As for the grown-up girls, Amy was Little Red Riding Hood on the look-out for the Big Bad Wolf. Micki was a scary, but good witch. And me...can you guess? I was a pregnant housewife! Had alot of comments on how realistic my fake belly was!

The three little girls made a point to visit every house in the neighborhood and came home with overflowing bags of candy. Then we all relaxed at the end of the driveway eating chili and drinking hot apple cider. Afterwards, it was into the house to check all the candy before trying to calm these three burst of energy enough to get them to sleep! Not sure about Hailey and Hannah, but Kyla was one grumpy bear this morning.

Now that Halloween is over and Papa Ron is back in town, let's hope that Chili Pepper is finally ready to greet her anxiously awaiting public! Tomorrow is her Guess Date so who knows?!?

Kara & Chili Pepper

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