Thursday, December 6, 2007

Out Of The Mouths Of My Babes...

It is so very true that children say and do the darnedest things...and with that said, I have to share what my two did last night.

After a shopping excursion to pick up a swing for Bryleigh, followed by dinner with "Aunt" Kelly, and a stop at Daddy's office to visit while he worked a late night event with his Sales Team, the four of us girls headed home, tired and ready for jammies and our warm beds.

As a way to keep Kyla awake during the long trip, we kept a lookout for brightly colored Christmas Displays. Less than a couple of miles from home, Bryleigh started crying, wanting to be nursed. As we passed one neighborhood, a local Sheriff's Deputy was pulling out onto the same road as us. Kyla made the observation as we continued driving. Less than half a mile later, that same Deputy was behind us with his lights flashing, creating another version of "Pretty" Christmas Lights.

Now I know what you all are thinking, but believe me, I was not speeding. I drive like a "Sunday Driver" when I have the girls in the car with me. (No comments on my driving habits when I am sans children!) It was bewildering to Aunt Micki and I as to why we were being pulled over. Maybe he thought I was driving too slow? Maybe in my new mommy overly tired state, I was not as steady in my lane as usual and he wanted to make sure that I hadn't been drinking? The possibilities seemed endless...

Being fully aware of the dark state of night, as well as the fact that I had a car full of "vulnerable" ladies, I slowed down even more and signaled that I was proceeding to the closest light parking lot. He pulled up behind me and then turned on his very powerful spot light, pointing it directly at my Jeep so that he could see. It bathed the area in light, but created a blinding effect for the entire inside of the vehicle. This caused Bryleigh to cry even harder and Kyla asked if we were being arrested...

I rolled down my window as the officer cautiously walked up to the driver's side door. He asked if I knew why he had pulled me over and above Bryleigh's very loud cries of hunger, I said that I did not. He said that my tag lights were out. At this moment, Kyla, in typical 4-year-old fashion, starts engaging the man in conversation..."Hello Mr. Police Officer Man"..."I love Police Officers"...My Uncle Kevin is Police Officer"..."Your so Handsome"...and the comments continued on and on.

I gave the slightly embarrassed deputy my license, registration, and proof of insurance, as well as told him that the Jeep was registered under my husband's name. He walked back to his patrol vehicle and ran my tag to verify that what I told him was well as to probably see if I had any outstanding warrants or had escaped from a mental institute recently. When he walked back to the window of my very noisy vehicle, he told me that all my information checked out and he would not give me a ticket..."this time", but that I needed to get the situation fixed as soon as possible. I asked if I could get out of my vehicle and have him show me what was wrong. Kyla continued on with her dialog..."Hey Mr. Police Officer Man...Can I look too?" "Can I see your car?" "Will you take me for a ride" "Are you listening to me, Mr. Police Officer Man?"

After viewing the problem area, he bid me good night and walked back to his vehicle...probably glad to be rid of this sleep deprived mommy and her noisy Jeep filled with a Cop-Crazy Preschooler and very Vocal Newborn! And as I even more cautiously proceeded on my way, Kyla added the proverbial Cherry-on-Top..."I cannot wait to tell my teacher and friends at school tomorrow!"

Hope you all enjoyed this moment in my life...if it made you laugh...then my job is done. Never a dull moment in regards to the Atchison's!

Have a great day!


(On a side note, I had to call Kyla's beloved Uncle Kevin. He loved it and also asked me if I knew why the deputy really pulled me over...He probably had planned on using the burned out tag lights as probable cause to search my vehicle to make sure that there were not any illegal drugs. All I have to say if!)

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