Thursday, January 24, 2008

They Really Do Remember Everything!

So I was going through more photos from Christmas and I came across a couple that made me remember something really special that happened...and you know me. I had to share.

Brad is a wonderfully thoughtful husband and father. He likes to take his time to find the perfect gift and he really outdid himself this year. He wanted to combine my "big" gift with special "Daddy" gifts for each of the girls. So he went to a local jewelry store and had three custom necklaces made. Each of the necklaces is white gold with a diamond encrusted infinity circle. Kyla's circle has a Peridot, which is her birthstone. Bryleigh's has a Yellow Topaz and mine had not only a Pearl for my birthstone, but also a Peridot and a Yellow Topaz...basically making mine a Mother's Necklace...something I had been wanting since Kyla was born.

Kyla was the first to open her special gift. She chose to sit on Daddy's lap while opening it. As soon as the wrapping paper was off and she saw the red leather jewelry box, she quietly exclaimed...and I quote, "He Went To Jared's!" Then she threw her arms around his neck without even opening up the box and gave him a huge kiss!

Now just in case you are not familiar with Jared' is the name of a popular jewelry store and all of their commercials use that same catch phrase..."He Went To Jared's"...and in Kyla's young mind, she was just repeating what all of the beautiful women on the commercials said after receiving a lovely piece of jewelry from the man they love.

Brad has to tell her to open the box and look at the necklace. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the necklace, but after he explained that it was her first diamond necklace She couldn't wait to put it on.

The girls and I plan on having our photos taken together wearing our beautiful gifts of love and having it framed for Daddy to keep in his office at work.

Right after Brad asked permission to marry me, my father told him something. He raised my sisters and I to feel like princesses so that we would expect only the best from the men we marry. And it looks like Brad is planning to do the same with Kyla and Bryleigh.

Lord help those boys who decide to love the Atchison Girls!

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Joe, Allyson, Ella & Chase said...

LOVE IT! What a great hubby you found - and what a great father! And he listens! We miss you guys. I love seeing the photos of the girls. They do grow too fast but they are oh so freaking cute!