Friday, February 15, 2008

A Valentine's Day like no other...

Well I had a Valentine's Day like no other person should have...cause you know me...the strangest things happen!

The day started out good. Woke up to the sweet sound of Kyla and Brad wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. That was a really nice thing to hear first thing in the morning.

Got Kyla ready for pre-school, then Bryleigh & I headed to the Salon so that Mommy could get her hair cut and colored. Enjoyed some wonderful chocolate covered strawberries and wine while we were there. Bry was upset that I didn't share the chocolate with her...cause she can smell that stuff a mile away!

Then we went to Kyla's pre-school to enjoy their Valentine's Day Party. Had a great time with all the other children in her class. They all love to see Bryleigh and swarm her whenever we show up. Bry loves all of the attention and Kyla proudly watches and tells all her classmates what they are allowed to do, such as the "one finger" touch.

After leaving the school, we headed to the store to pick up some last minute items for dinner that evening, as well as some sugar cookie hearts to decorate for dessert. Kyla was really excited about the cookies and could not wait to get back home and start decorating them.

So far, the day was going as planned...but things were getting ready to start falling apart.

About a mile from the house, we were stuck in evening traffic and Kyla started screaming that she "really had to use the potty" right then or she was going to go in her car seat. I started telling her that she was a big girl and could hold it while I hurried to the house...and that is when every slow moving vehicle decided to be in front of us. Poor Kyla was practically crying and I was on the verge of pulling over to the side of the road so that she could go...Thankfully traffic started moving faster and Kyla didn't have an accident...but Bryleigh did!

While my sister was changing her outfit, I decided to get some clean clothes for her from the dryer that had almost completed the cycle. As I was bending down to sort through the warm clothes, I started to lose my balance and fall into the front-loading machine. To catch myself, I put my right arm out and it came into contact with the back of the dryer. Not sure if anyone is aware of this, but the back of those dryers get "red hot" during the drying process...and my entire hand was burned so fast and hot that it stuck! I screamed and pulled back so fast that I left the top layer of skin! OUCH!!

I spent the rest of the night with my hand covered in burn cream and an ice pack wrapped around it. That made it really hard to cook dinner, much less decorate the cookies that Kyla was so excited about. (We have postponed the cookies until I can bend my fingers enough to help) And when I was nursing Bryleigh, I couldn't figure out why she was so fidgety and always pulling away...then I looked down and saw that my ice pack wrapped hand was cradling her sweet head! No wonder she was so wiggly...her mommy was freezing her tiny head!

I couldn't even cut my own food. Brad had to do it for me! Any other time, it would have been a romantic gesture...but this time it was just plain pitiful!

Anyways, hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Without all of the complications that mine had!

And enjoy the photo of Bryleigh. She was just exhausted by the end of the day! Either that or trying to sleep off her brain-freeze!

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