Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Am Insane!!!

That is the only explanation as to why on earth I thought it would be a good idea to take all five children (under the age of 7) to the doctor's office. Two needed school physicals so that they could start their new schools, one needed a exam to make sure that her ear ache was getting better, one needed her 4 month check up, and one was along for the ride.

All was going relatively well until it was time for the oldest to get his urine checked. Mikey was completely appalled at the though of having to pee in a cup and refused to do it. After talking with him for a couple of minutes and assuring him that it was standard procedure for "big boy" exams, he relented...but would only put a few drops in the cup. No more than that because it was just too gross!

Next was the finger prick to check their blood. Mikey was wary, but took the finger stick like a champ. He thought it was cool watching his blood fill up the tiny testing tube. Kaleigh flipped out and had to be held while the nurse did her job. She tried to smack the nurse, but thankfully she was quick with her job. Kadence was upset because she didn't get her finger pricked and started to cry. Kaleigh then started worrying aloud about the possibility of actual shots. (She was due to have 4, but I tried to distract her until it was time.) She tried to quietly hid under the exam table with hopes that we would forget about her.

Kadence stopped crying when it was time for her exam and behaved so well. She sat very still for the doctor and did everything that he asked her to do. Thankfully she didn't have an ear infection, but did have the start of a sinus infection. So more antibiotics for her. Have to take her back in 10 days to make sure that she is infection free.

Bryleigh also did great. She laid very still while she was given her check-up. The little monkey is in the 90th percentile for her age! She is almost 15 lbs and as healthy as a horse. My sister's kids are tiny for their age and rank in the 10th percentile while both of mine are bustin' off the charts. She gets the mice and I get the moose!

Finally it was time for the real fun to begin...shots! Both Kaleigh and Bryleigh had to have 4 each. Kaleigh was first. Figured that she would be the hardest. That she would run for the hills if Bryleigh went first. She scream hysterically for the next 15 minutes...and I finally understand why some people use to slap hysterical people to calm them down. As soon as the shots were administered and she was given her lollipop and stickers, all was forgotten...at least until someone mentioned it. Then she was limping and crying...really working it.

Bryleigh did pretty good. She cried of course, but noting like the Oscar worthy performance by Kaleigh. Afterwards, she was smiling and giggling again.

All in all, we were in the exam room from 2:40 until almost 4:30. Never again will I try this again. No more than two appointments at a time from here on out...

On the way home, I had some pretty cranky little ones. Thankfully the two youngest ones fell asleep as soon as we got home. The three oldest ones went out to play. Had to take pictures of the sleeping beauties. They looked so sweet and angelic. Wish I could have taken a nap too or at the very least, drank a margarita!


Coordination Queen said...

I wouldn't say insane... more like very very brave!

Amber said...

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Happy Panda said...

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