Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We can hardly wait...

...my sister and her family are moving back! Yeah! It will be so good to have the five of them close by again. The last time we lived in the same area, my nephew was just a baby. He is now in 1st grade! Both of my nieces were born while they lived out-of-state. I have had to watch them grow up in photos or during their brief visits...but not any more! The kids will be arriving tomorrow night! My sister and brother-in-law will be coming down later...after they get everything organized for the move.

Kyla is so excited that she can hardly sleep. She keeps telling her preschool teachers and classmates that her Cousin Kaleigh will be joining their class. Oh the two of them are going to have so much fun together! Mikey is going to be attending the local elementary school where he can either ride the bus from my parents house or walk / ride his bike from my house...not that I would let him do any of that by himself! Kadence will more than likely be staying with Bryleigh and me during the day..and the two of us are really looking forward to that!

I took these photos of the four "big" kids over the summer. I had the pleasure of their company for almost the entire summer. They all played so good together and were so much fun to watch. Now I just need to get Bry's picture on the dragon!

Once they all get settled, I am going to have to take more pictures of the five of them! I was searching through the hundreds of photos that I have and I could only find this photo of all five of them!

Mom Mom and Papa are not going to know what to do with all five of their grand babies to love-on on a daily basis!

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The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

I cracked up at your comment on my neighbors, and when I went to your blog and saw that you're in Florida, I almost fell out of my chair! OUR NEIGHBORS MOVED HERE FROM FLORIDA! They were (from my investigative work on their license plates) at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville! Not sure of your where-abouts in Florida, but if it's Jax, maybe they ARE Mr. and Mrs. Friendly! I do have to say that the fact that they ran and hid in their garage when they saw you is the most cuckoo thing I've ever heard! Mine haven't done that. Yet. ;)