Monday, April 7, 2008

I've been tagged - My first MeMe

I have been kinds busy this past sister and brother-in-law arrived into town and you know how it goes with family. So today, I was catching up on my blog reading when imagine my surprise...someone tagged me!

After picking myself off of the floor, I decided that I better get started...especially since I was tagged on the 3rd. Told you that I have been busy!


So, I was tagged by The Adventures Of: Super Mommy & Spit Up Boy

Here goes -

Four Jobs I've Had

1) Apprentice Chef / Catering Assistant
2) Nanny
3) Office Manager / Bookkeeper
4) Stay-at-home-mom

Four Shows On My TiVo / DVR (don't have either, but I love to watch)

1) House Hunters
2) Hidden Potential
3) CSI
4) The Amazing Race

Four Places I've Been

1) The Beach
2) The Mountains
3) The Prairies
4) The Boondocks

Four Favorite Foods

1) Cuban
2) Mexican
3) Italian
4) Japanese

Four CDs Recently Listened Too

1) Queen
2) Abba
3) Elton John
4) Nickleback

Four Things You Can Do To Make My Day

1) Clean My House
2) Take Me Shopping
3) Fix Me Dinner
4) Read My Blog & Leave A Comment

And now it is my turn to tag 4 others...

Mad About Plaid
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Have Fun! And Now I am back to catching up on my reading.