Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy, busy weekend...(Part Two)

So, after the Graduation Party, it was time to hurry home and "bribe" the girls into taking a nap followed by a quick bubble bath. The tubbie was the easy part. They were not too excited about going to sleep, but they eventually did.

Wonder what they were dreaming about...more cupcakes maybe?

(On a sidenote...Couldn't get a cute picture of Kaleigh sleeping...she was face down covered in stuffed animals!)

We had to be at the Graduation Ceremony location by 5:45 pm to do the Processional Rehursal. Made it there by 6...not bad for a crazed Aunt & Mommy taking care of two Preschoolers, one toddler, and a clinging baby.

Here are the girls with some classmates waiting for all the guests to arrive. Kadence wanted to sit with the big kids too.

Just before the program was suppose to start, the kids were told to take a seat in the back of the auditorium. Kaleigh got to sit by Zachery. Kyla was a little pouty because she likes Zack...even made Brad & I go over and meet his father!

Her mood lifted when she was paired with Alejandro for the songs. She now cannot decide between marrying Zackery or Alejandro...I keep telling her that she has a few more years before she needs to make up her mind.

Here they are "rushing" the stage, almost knocking Ms. Wanda over.

And my two singing nightinggales...

After a quick costume change, they were ready to get into position and wait for "Pomp & Circumstance" to begin.

Kyla was eagerly looking forward to her solo walk across the stage.

Kaleigh was a bit more apprehensive.

And how cute is this photo of Kyla and her friend, Kylie.

Kyla walked down the aisle so fast that I couldn't get a photo...but we did get this one of her onstage beside Zachery.

Kaleigh was slower, but wouldn't lift up her head so I could get her face.

The first photos of the Preschool Graduates.

And the cap toss makes it official!

All the excitement made the girls a little tired, but they both loved looking at their diplomas and smelling their roses. Such sweet little ladies.

And in less than five years, it will be Bryleigh's turn to wear the cap and gown...

Thanks Ms. Sherri. Kyla & Kaleigh really enjoyed their time at your school. Are you sure that you don't want to add Kindergarden? I have two little girls that would sign up in a heartbeat!

So, here is to your first Graduation. The two of you did a wonderful job. Now enjoy the summer before you head on to your next adventure.

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