Thursday, June 12, 2008

My 100th Post!!!

Let the fan-fare begin!

This is what my living room looked like when I told my family about this post...

And this is the celebration that my friends in Sunny, FL did...

So, sit back and enjoy reading and getting to know me a little better. Not sure if you will still like me afterwards...but I hope so!


100 Things About Me…

1. I was born in Northwestern Pennsylvania, in the same hospital that my parents, as well as the rest of my family, were both born in.

2. I am the middle child…older sister, younger sister, and adopted younger brother, who is estranged from the rest of the family.

3. I can tell people that I grew up in a foster home; My parents were foster parents until I was 10.

4. Because of what I saw when my parents worked with foster children, I was afraid to have children for fear of not being a good parent.

5. After moving to Florida, we hosted Exchange Students and opened up my eyes to all the wonders of other cultures.

6. Besides Pennsylvania and Florida, I have also lived in Illinois and Indiana…both of those moves was because I love for my husband. He in turn loved me enough to move us back to the sun and fun of Florida.

7. I love living in Florida and consider myself very lucky to call this state my home.

8. I hate snow, almost as much as I hate being cold.

9. I despise basketball and have since I was in Elementary School when my parents signed me up for a Summer Basketball Program.

10. I love football, especially College Level, and go through serious withdrawal during the off-season.

11. I played softball and mastered all the positions except for pitcher, 1st base, and short stop…mainly because all the teams I played on had excellent players in those 3 positions.

12. Playing catcher was my favorite position because I could trash talk the batters, deliberately lean into the batters box to get tipped by the bat and force the batter out, as well as block home plate.

13. I am part girly-girl and part tom-boy, but the older I get, the less tom-boy I am.

14. I love playing paintball which is really surprising to me because I hate to get dirty, experience pain, and am very claustrophobic.

15. I love seeing sleeping babies, dogs, and cats…and usually want curl up beside
them to cuddle and soak up all of that sweet innocence.

16. I hate feet and toes…especially my own, but love puppy dog, kitty cat, and baby feet because they are so cute and soft…completely unmarred by life.

17. I love getting spa treatments, but have a hard time with pedicures…’cause my feet have to be touched! Everyone in the spa gets a good laugh because of my facial expressions during the whole process.

18. I love cheesy TV shows like Little House On The Prairie, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and Anne Of Green Gables.

19. I love the Florida Gators…and have since I was a little girl when received my first Gator Toy. I am also making sure that both my girls are Gator Lovers too!

20. I love sushi! But only the vegetarian kind! With lots of wasabi and soy sauce…and I can only eat it with chop sticks.

21. I hate seafood, but on a rare occasion will eat fresh boiled shrimp…unless I am pregnant, and then I crave spicy Buffalo Shrimp with lots of blue cheese dressing!

22. I love grilled cheese sandwiches, especially with a slice of fresh tomato and / or bacon. This is strange because I really hate tomatoes…unless I am pregnant.

23. I wish that I could be more like Martha Stuart and Bree, but I will forever be just like Susan and Lynette.

24. I love watching HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet.

25. I have wanted a dark green Range Rover ever since I could remember…that is until I drove a Yukon last month. Now I am obsessed with the Yukon!

26. I hate touching raw meat and cannot eat any meat while it is on the bone.

27. I am honestly a very shy person, but no one believes me because I force myself to be outgoing. I remember telling myself that I wanted to get more out of life in the 8th grade…so that began my transformation from wall flower to social butterfly.

28. Mentally, I still feel like a teenager.

29. My astrological sign is Gemini and there are times where I feel like I really am two different people…the good twin and the evil twin.

30. I am the “Julie the Cruise Director” in my family.

31. My degree is in Management, but I always thought that I would be a good elementary school teacher…or event planner.

32. The first time I met my future in-laws, I felt right at home with them. They were almost identical to my parents. My father and father-in-law both worked for the phone company. My mother and mother-in-law both loved to cook and consider Christmas something that you can decorate for year-round.

33. I spoke to my future mother-in-law on the phone before I talked to my husband.

34. I met my husband through his sister. She & I were friends and she said that I would be perfect for her brother. How right she was!

35. I met my husband when I was buying life insurance and having a will drawn up because of a really bad break-up…my ex- was threatening my life and I wanted to get all of my affairs in order in case he succeeded.

36. I met my husband over the telephone and we fell in love before ever seeing a photo of each other.

37. My husband is my best friend and I cannot imagine what my life would be like without him.

38. He asked me to marry him on our 1 year anniversary of dating and we kept our engaged status for 3 years.

39. This October, we will celebrate our 10 year Anniversary.

40. I was told at a very young age that I would have a hard time getting pregnant and an even harder time staying pregnant.

41. I became pregnant with our first daughter while I was on birth control pills.

42. I became pregnant with our second daughter while I was using the birth control ring.

43. I loved being pregnant both times, even when I had really awful all-day morning sickness.

44. I had life threatening events because of both deliveries…cardiac arrest with the first and severe post-natal hemorrhage with the second.

45. I think that I would love to have a 3rd, but I am scared about what might happen…and so is my family.

46. I love the fact that I have two girls. I personally would not know what to do with a little boy.

47. If I had a boy, his name would have been Bryce Ellis.

48. I love first names that have Y’s in them…Kyla, Bryleigh, Bryce…do you see a pattern?

49. Hearing the sound of my daughters laughing makes me smile and tear up at the same time.

50. I get creep-ed out when I see someone sleeping with their eyes open. Unfortunately both of my daughters have a tendency to do that!

51. I love People magazine. My subscription has been paid until 2011!

52. I also love Southern Living magazine…and my parents renew my subscription every year as part of my Christmas gift.

53. I hate spiders but can kill them if I am protecting my family.

54. I love Yoga and have the best teacher! I practiced Yoga during both of my pregnancies…until 33 weeks with Kyla when I was put on bed rest and until 40 weeks when I was told to stop providing such a calm environment for Bryleigh who loved staying inside so much that I didn’t have her until 42 weeks…and only after I had acupuncture to start labor.

55. I am the tallest woman in my family and I am just barely 5’4”!

56. I love giving people nicknames and each one of my girls has at least 5 different nicknames that I use on a regular basis.

57. I love to cook and bake but only if I have the time and someone to clean up after me!

58. I had plans to be a chef until I worked the restaurant hours…then I decided that I enjoyed my personal life too much!

59. My husband & I were engaged before he learned that I could cook! I had him convinced that the best thing I made was reservations!

60. My parents let out my secret! So now I have to cook.

61. I usually cook for at least 10 people at dinner.

62. I had my first dinner party when I was 13. My cousin, some of her friends, and I cooked a 6 course meal for our boyfriends. They arrived with flowers, candy, and sparkling grape juice.

63. I enjoy shopping, but love to hunt for bargains!

64. My husband and I collect antiques and Native American artwork…painting, jewelry, pottery, etc.

65. I love to read, especially murder mystery books by James Patterson, Patricia Cornwall, and Diane Mott Davidson.

66. I have really good intentions of being organized, but something will happen and the whole organizational train is derailed.

67. I have no problem sorting laundry, pre-treating stains, washing, drying, or folding clothes…but I hate putting them away!

68. I hate cleaning the bathroom and I only do it when I am really mad! So if you see me scrubbing a toilet or tub…just back off for your own safety.

69. I get up at least one time during the night to check on my girls and make sure that they are still breathing and sleeping in their beds.

70. I am constantly running scenarios in my head about how I would handle an emergency situation…like if I am driving over a bridge…what would I do if the car when over the side…or I am home alone with the girls and someone tries to break in…that sort of thing.

71. I had a pet Hereford Bull when I was a little girl. Raised him from birth and called him Chocolate Chip (because of a spot on his nose). He would follow me around like a puppy.

72. My first day of kindergarten, the bus driver let me off at the end of our driveway and Chocolate Chip came running to greet me. The bus driver tried to “save” me by putting me back on the bus. Chocolate Chip attacked the bus until I was let out the Emergency Door. Then I climbed on his back and we went off to play…

73. I didn’t play with dolls or Barbie’s when I was little. I would take the clothes and use them to dress up my kittens, puppies, or guinea pigs.

74. I hate dolls. I have nightmares that they come alive at night.

75. I also hate clowns. They are just creepy. Totally makes my skin crawl.

76. My worst nightmare would be about being chased by a spider that is dressed up like a clown doll.

77. A friend and former co-worker use to love to torment me by placing fake spiders around my desk and even gave me a DVD called “Killer Clowns From Outer Space” as a birthday gift. It is still in the wrapper and I have nightmares when I get a glimpse of it. She still thinks it’s hysterical…and she is lucky that I still consider her a wonderful friend!

78. I am afraid of the dentist…especially when I hear the sound of the dental drill. It makes my skin crawl.

79. I have been told that the best thing I make is my lemonade and chicken salad.

80. My favorite color keeps changing…depending on my mood. Sometimes I like red…or orange…or chocolate brown…well, you get the picture.

81. My eyes are hazel green but can change to other colors depending on my mood and / or what I am wearing.

82. I drive a 10 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee that I cannot bear to part with. She has over 130k miles and the automatic door locks only work on the right front passenger door and the left rear passenger door.

83. I love drinking ice cold Coke…and will take a pass if there is only Pepsi.

84. I usually wear my hair short, but have been growing it out since I learned that I was pregnant with Bryleigh. I plan on cutting it after her first birthday and donating it to Locks of Love.

85. My husband prefers blonds…so he knew that it was true love because I have never been a blond nor do I ever want to be.

86. The best dinner that I ever had was when I took my husband to The Abby in Atlanta while we were dating. The food was to die for and there service was impeccable. I would highly recommend the place, but I was told that it is no longer a are there now.

87. I rode a Mechanical Bull in dress slack, a blue blazer, high heeled pumps and a sting of pearls…and I stayed on!

88. I hate the taste of beer! Rode the above mentioned bull because I had drank some beer. I guess it makes me a little crazier than normal.

89. I use to love only white wines, but after trying some imported reds…now I can only drink red wine.

90. When Brad & I were on our honeymoon, we purchased over 2 cases of wine! We had to shop some of our luggage back because there was no room left in our convertible.

91. We were also almost eaten by a bear on the last night of our honeymoon!

92. I have taught all of my children, my nieces and nephews, and my friends children to love black olives…by putting the olives on your finger tips and eating them from there.

93. I use to chase my little sister around the house when I had olives on my finger tips…telling her that I was from outer space and that was what my fingers really looked like.

94. I like to joke around and consider myself a Social Terrorist!

95. Before I met my husband, my friends called me a Femi-Nazi.

96. I registered to vote as soon as I was old enough and consider it my civic duty to vote in all elections.

97. I also started donating blood as soon as I was old enough.

98. Because of a recently diagnosed family medical condition, I can no longer donate blood or be an organ donor. This makes me very sad.

99. My favorite flower is a Star Gazer Lilly.

100. I love to take bubble baths…especially when I am not bothered by little girls that try to crawl into the tub with me.


So, do you still like me? Or are you going to leave now and never come back?

And before I forget, it's also my birthday. I've been getting inquiring e-mails from family and friends asking why I haven't mentioned that. So, here it is...

I keep telling people that I stopped celebrating my birthday. It is just another day that I get to do whatever I well as eat more cake!


Kristi said...

Happy, happy birthday! Let's go, Gemini. I totally agree with the two personalities Gemini thing. I could never take that Briggs personality test because the answers just never fit me. I hate the smell of beer so much that at 35 years old, I have never actually taken a sip. I love the idea of relating to Julie the Cruise Director.

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Happy Birthday!!! We have lots in common, including I hate my feet too and I love college football.

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Go Gators. I love the common bond we share. We are a lot alike and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you are having a 'cool' summer. It's hot here in S GA! Loved learning more about you

Pregnantly Plump said...

I know, I'm a late commenter here, but I just linked over from your other post! Really fun facts, and we actually have quite a few things in common!
My eyes are also hazel, but can be more green or brown depending on what I wear.
And I'm stoked that football season is just about to start, although I have mainly watch pro. They rarely give me any SEC coverage up here.