Friday, June 27, 2008

Two More Things About Me...# 101 & # 102 I have been hearing some "grief" from two of my bestest friends about not mentioning something about them in the "100 Things About Me" post.

So, here goes nothing...

101. I met my bestest friend (I'll call her AB and she will know why!) when the two of us interviewed for the same job. My older sister, who worked at a placement agency, sent us both on the interview because she said we were "separated at birth". The company loved us both and split the job responsibilities in two so that they could hire us both. On our first day of work, she pranced into my office, sat on my desk, ate some of my dried apricots, and passed gas! To this day, we still laugh about it and call dried apricots "Pooty Things"!

102. At my last job, I worked in the Accounting Department for a major Home Builder. My supervisor (the same woman who gave me that dreadful movie about the homicidal clowns), the HR Specialist, and I use to go to lunch together all the time. We usually went to Tijuana Flats or Old Chicago and then hit the Steak & Shake drive-thru on the way back to the office for their Sippable Sundae Milkshakes. Shortly after I learned that I was pregnant with Bryleigh, both of them left the company. One moved to Texas and the other went to work for another company. I miss them both and cannot bring myself to enjoy milkshakes from Steak & Shake anymore without them!

So...AB and Redpath...are you both happy now?

Hugs and Kisses to you both!

And Denise...I hope you don't feel slights...after all, you were mentioned twice!

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Elizabeth said...

i love meeting friends who make me feel like we must have been separated at birth. it hasn't happened much...but it is the best! glad you have such good friends!

found you on Wendi's blog. :-)