Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Diverse Musical Taste...

is something that people comment about all the time. At any given day, you can get into my Jeep and hear just about anything on my radio, CD changer, or i-Pod. My tastes in music range from classical (Pachelbel's canon in D) to new age (Drum Beats by All One Tribe) to kid music (Shrek's Soundtrack) to heavy metal (Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water). I know, isn't it crazy! One minute you would be listening to Roger Miller singing "King Of the Road" followed by Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" So, when I saw this post from Nautical By Nature, I had to borrow it.

Here are my embarrassing five...

(1) Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie - I know what you all are thinking. What a vile performer and you are right, he is...but this song has a great sound...and is a great work-out long as you don't think about the words. The song is "Pure Evil" as my 4 year old likes to say.

(2) Stand And Deliver by Adam Ant - I was so completely and totally "in love" with Adam Ant when I was in Junior High. I had all of his albums and even wore face paint like his on a few occasions. Don't laugh at me...but I play his music sometimes just to drive my husband mad!

(3) Love Plus One by Haircut 100 - Just a silly little song from an obscure group that was made popular during the beginning days of MTV. It has such an "island sound" that you have to smile and sing along.

(4) Ugly Girl by Weird Al - Made the mistake of letting my daughter hear this song. She calls it the "Hungry Girl" song and requests it all the time. Cannot remove it from my play list...even if I wanted to.

(5) If Your Happy And You Know It by Barney & Friends - The song always made me smile when I was little and since my girls love listening to my pathetic attempts at singing...we have to play this one all the time too. Bet all of you know the words too...admit it to yourself.

So, who should I tag next? Why don't you admit your guilty listening pleasures and share with all of us...

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