Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Wordless Wednesday Plans

were thwarted by an 8-month old teething baby girl. Did not want to share any photos of what has been happening in the house today. Pretty sure that you would not want to view them either.

Without getting into graphic detail, I have changed bedding, clothing, and bathed my cute little "poopie machine" at least 4 times today. The washing machine and dryer seem to be going non-stop as is her little digestive system. The high chair has been washed down, as well as the swing and the jumparoo. And I just have to give a "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" to Amy for that wonderful stain remover recipe that she shared with me.

Please let those little teeth come in!


It was a pretty sleepless night last evening. Poor Bry-girl was miserable. She was so tired and would fall asleep only to wake up in 2 hours crying out in pain. She didn't want her my-my (aka pacifier) because it rubbed against her sore gums. The only thing that seemed to help relax her was to snuggle in bed. And do you know what the little stinker did...after waking me up to nurse her, she snuggles next to her father!


Haute Mama said...

stain remover recipe? you had better start talking! i need exact measurements. can it be used in the wash, on carpets, upholstered furniture?

i do hope Bry is feeling better!

Carolyn said...

Awww!! I hope she feels better soon!! It is so hard when they don't feel good!!