Saturday, July 19, 2008

Woe Is Me...

what am I going to do? I have a bad double case of "Mommy Thumb" aka as De Quervain Tendinitis.

What is "Mommy Thumb" aka as De Quervain Tendinitis?

It is an irritation of the tendons in the thumb that can cause mild to severe pain in and around the thumb, but can also radiate up the arm. Doesn't that sound lovely?

How did I get it?

From doing something so awful as to pick my Bry-girl up.

How can I prevent it?

Either stop picking her up or change the way that I do it.

What are the treatments?

Take lots of Tylenol. If it keeps up, beg the doctor to look for a stronger pain killer that won't transfer to Bry-girl when she nurses.

So, am I the only Silly Mommy that keeps getting this?


Heidi said...

Oh that's sounds awful. I vote to hire a "picker upper." Oh, by the way, thanks ever so much for the blogroll add. I am so sorry it took so long to add you to mine. Consider it done

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

I had no idea that there was any other way to pick a child up. OUCH! Oh yeah--I almost forgot! My mom's friend didn't get her e-mail that included the designs I did for her, and I wanted to make sure you got the one that I sent you. Most e-mails don't like my e-mail address. Have a great day, and hope the thumb is feeling better!

Elizabeth :) said...

I have never even heard of this!? I'm sorry you're suffering and hope it gets better soon!! How are you picking Bry up that you hurt yourself? I'm not thinking there are too many ways to pick a kidlet up so?

Elizabeth said...

My wrists hurt after I delivered both my babies. It lasted for the first few months, as my arms adjusted to the nursing positions and holding a baby all day. I even wore a wrist brace off and on for a while. It was like carpal tunnel syndrome or something, but from babies and not working at a computer. Very weird!