Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fay...Fay...Go Away!

'Cause School Starts On Monday!

Wish us luck! Kyla is so excited!


Elizabeth said...

Oooo! I know there are so many mixed emotions in your house tonight. (There were in mine!) Enjoy every minute of the day tomorrow. The best part is when they run back into your arms at the end of the day when school is over. That's my favorite part of every day with Katie now!
P.S. I noticed you added me on your blogroll. (Both of my blogs!) I feel so honored! :)

Lisa said...

You can stand in the hall and cry with the other moms. I always did. Wednesday my kids start 8th, 4th and 1st grade. I am now a full-time working mom and can't even take them on their first day of school. It's killing me, too! However, I will be the one picking them up every day. So, there are some perks. Thank God for good neighbors. Enjoy the day with just you & Bry. Lisa

Jennifer said...

I'm freaking out here--I hate this time of year!!