Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Wonderful Award From...

Christina at The Adventures Of Maverick & The Mrs. Thank you so very much for this...

She is just about the sweetest person that I know in the Bloggin' World. I just love reading about her fun times as a new Military Wife. Head over to her place and tell me if you do not agree that the two of them look like Barbie & Ken!

Besides being so sweet, she is one creative lady. Check out her embroidery blog...The Spotted Crocodile. I have purchased some items from her and cannot wait to post photos..but since they are Christmas gifts...I have to wait so that the surprise isn't spoiled!


So, now it is my turn to spread the Love...

Cancer Sucks Even With Lilly Pulitzer On Your Side - I just love to read about her latest goings-on...plus the fact that she is such a strong woman who won't let Cancer get the best of her.

Caffeine Court - Her's was one of the first Blogs that I had to read on a daily, if not hourly basis. I just wish that she was my neighbor.

Another Online Mom - She seems to be a kindred spirit, not just because we both live in Florida either!

Six Golden Coins - I found her through a recent Bloggy Carnival and was drawn to her posts. She has suffered some hardships in her life because of the untimely deaths of her parents and brother, but she honors them with the way she lives her life and loves her husband and their children. ( I haven't forgotten about the picture bracelets...I am just having a hard time deciding on what photos to use...;0} )

Tales From Oakbriar Farm - I can't remember exactly where I discovered her lovely blog, but I have become addicted to seeing photos of her beautiful little girl, as well as trying the yummy recipes.

Thanks to this lovely ladies for giving me something to read...as well as inspiring me with your words.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, you are too sweet! I'm so honored. I've never been given any type of bloggy award or "special love." So this is very cool!

What do I do now? Name 5 of my favorites? (Can't name someone who's already been named, like you, can I?)

And I'm glad you haven't forgotten the bracelets. I've ordered the pieces and they are ready for you whenever you're ready. I can help you decide on photos too, if you like!

Thanks again for making me smile. I'm glad we found each other!

Caffeine Court said...

Thanks for the sweet award!

I'm really glad you've decided to join in on the Collage blog.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's opinions on the election.

It's refreshing to listen to opposing views without anyone name calling or putting eachother down.

So far so good.

SarahHub said...

Oh, thank you!

I really am honored, especially since I like your blog so much!

Elizabeth said...

I made my picks just now. Thanks again for sending me the love!

Jennifer said...

Oh love it--thank you so much!!!! :))

cancersucks said...

You are so sweet! Sorry it took me so long to see your special note to me. How do I pass it on? You know I am kind of new to the cool and sassy blogging ways!