Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Beautiful Couple - Phil & Lesley

I was just going thru some old photos and memories of my grandparents came flooding back to me.

These two people are my Grandma & Grandpa S. They met in grade school and only had eyes for each other for as long as my grandmother was alive.

My grandfather worked hard all day and happily came home to his childhood sweetheart and their five children. He built their house by hand while she cooked and cleaned their home as well as the home next door where both of their mothers lived.

My grandmother never enjoyed driving, so my grandpa always delighted in squiring his fair maiden to where ever her heart desired, be it the grocery store, farmer's market, or her favorite dress boutique.

They played golf together, danced together, cooked together, and loved together. When you saw one, you most certainly saw the other.

So it was heartbreaking when dementia rapidly took her memories away shortly after their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

He took care of her for as long as he could by himself and then spent all of his days taking care of her in the nursing home until she passed away 15 years ago this summer.

He was devastated but carried on with the love and support of their 5 children, their respective spouses, 13 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren.

Then early on Valentine's Day almost 10 years later, they were reunited....finally.

I'm pretty sure that they are still enjoying their endless love in heaven, and I'm still missing them...

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