Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Picture Day For Kyla, Plus Papa Ron's Birthday

First things first...Chili Pepper is still not ready to come out an play yet...but my goal is to stay busy all day today, cleaning around the house and as my husband ordered, taking at least two long walks around the neighborhood. And if that fails, I have received the name of a very good acupuncturist that I will call tomorrow! On the bright side, I have not had to content with any phone calls from my doctor's office trying to convince me to schedule an induction!

Today was Picture Day at Kyla's Preschool. She looked so cute that I had to take a photo before she walked out the door. Hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Also, yesterday was Papa Ron's birthday. We went out for some spicy Mexican Food, but that hasn't helped as of yet either! Still, it did taste really good! Love the spicy stuff! Kyla picked out his cake, including what it said and the decorations all by herself. That also tasted really good. Had two pieces myself...needed the extra energy to keep hauling my ever expanding girth around!

Have a great day!

Love to you all,

Kara & Miss Chili Pepper

P.S. My mother just called with her exercise orders for me. I am to find a huge, but safe set of stairs and walk up and down them for as long as I can handle it! Dare I ask if anyone else has any other suggestions?

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