Saturday, January 19, 2008

Photos From Christmas...Better Late Than Never! it is almost a month since Christmas and I have yet to post any here you go. Better late than never.

We had a wonderful time at Christmas. My nephew and nieces were in town to share it with us. Both my sister and brother-in-law recently started new jobs and could not get the time off to join us. Since she is a nurse and he is a K-9 officer, they both had to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. Kyla and Bryleigh loved having their cousins around, as did the rest of us, but we really missed Aunt Kristie and Uncle Kevin too.

Of the hundreds of photos that were taken, here are some of my favorites...

This photo is of Kadence watching the Santa Tracking website. All of the kids thought that it was so much fun learning where Santa was currently at.

This photo is of Kadence and Bryleigh. My sweet little Baby Mango was just in love with Bryleigh and wanted nothing more than to spend time with her. If Bryleigh was crying, Kadence was there to rub her face, give her hugs & kisses, find a toy to entertain her, or just sing a song. What a sweet pair the two of them made!

The four oldest children wanted to leave notes for Santa, as well as the fresh made cookies and milk for Santa and the carrots and apples for the reindeer. Santa was so impressed by this that he also left a handwritten Thank You note.

Mikey, Kaleigh, Kyla, and Kadence all had a slumber party in Bryleigh's bedroom on Christmas Eve. Mom Mom and PaPa Jan slept in Kyla's bedroom, Aunt Amy slept on the couch, and PaPa Ron knocked on the front door around 6am. We all gathered in the family room a little bleary-eyed to open up our Christmas Stockings and eat breakfast. Thankfully the kids all had enough energy to help the grownups with their stocking gifts!

After breakfast, the anxious children were finally allowed to go into the living room to see what Santa had left under the tree. The wrapping paper shredding frenzy had begun! Kyla is really going to love that wild hair photo! I might save it to put in the yearbook for her Senior year! Someone had suggested that we use the photo as a burglar alarm...instead of "Beware of the Dog" how about "These Premises are Patrolled by a Crazed 4-Year-Old"!

Not sure what the favorite gift was for each kid-let because there were so many to choose from...

Mikey loved his toy grenades, his huge checkers game, and his play army & police men.

Kaleigh couldn't decide between her Hannah Montana doll or her Leapster Gaming Set. She also loved all of the clothes that she received and kept changing outfits.

Kyla was really excited about her shower radio that was just like her Aunt Micki's, as well as the guitar that Santa made sure that she received...and we cannot forget about all of the books...that Great Grandma lovingly read to her.

Kadence loved her "big girl" 3-wheeler, her life-like baby doll, and the Barbie backpack that was filled with doll clothes.

Bryleigh enjoyed her first Christmas too. She received lots of clothes and toys, but her favorite gift was being lovingly held by her Mommy, her Mom Mom, and her Mom Mom Mom.

And because Mikey, Kaleigh, and Kadence all live up in the hills of Tennessee...each one of them also received a nice warm jacket to keep out the cold. Mikey looked so cool in his leather coat and Kaleigh & Kadence felt like princesses in their "fur" coats! What a smart Santa...

Afterwards, Kadence and Bryleigh were was Papa Jan and Mom Mom.

After their naps, Papa Jan and Mom Mom helped prepare dinner...the kids played with their toys, and Mom Mom Mom held a still sleeping Bryleigh with Big Sister Kyla protectively sitting close by.

Well that pretty much fills you all in on Christmas as our house. Hope you all enjoyed the photos.

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