Thursday, March 20, 2008

In The Clear For Five Years...

Great news! I am not the "3rd" in my pattern of "Great Things Happen In 3s" pregnancy announcements. Went to the appointment yesterday morning and received the negative test. So we were able to proceed with next form of bc that we are trying out. We were assured that this one would work and there would not be any "surprise" announcements until we decided to have it removed. Guess you could say that we are "in the clear for the next 5 years" unless we decide to try for another precious baby before then.

I was fortunate enough to have 4 years to devote my time and energy to Kyla before Bryleigh came along. Now I can do the same for Miss Bry. The Mr. is as happy as a clam because his "boys" are intact. Now I can use that extra large bag of frozen peas for dinner!

So the big question is...Who is my "Number 3"? Will this be you in a couple of months?


Coordination Queen said...

I love that picture.

Sew Biz said...

I love your picture too - are you happy or sad that you are not pregnant? My boys are 16 months apart so needless to say I was a bit "shocked" when I got pregnant the second time. I quickly recovered and would do it over again!

You made a comment on my blog about a diaper bag - The oilcloth bags are $45. I have pink, navy blue, green, and black gingham.

Thanks for the comment!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

So you AREN"T preggo? I am confused. I think you aren't.? Or are you? HELP! Also, sometimes I have a hard time getting to your blog. Don't know why! Loved the earlier pics of that cute little red-headed girl. Is she yours?

Scarlett O'Kara said...

Thanks for the comments. That photo was taken shortly before Ms. Bry arrived. The careful placement of the hands made sure that all of my ugly stretchmarks were hidden!

Although I was pretty certain that we were not pregnant again, I kept having dreams about being pregnant. Those dreams coupled with my two friends being pregnant really gave me cause to question myself. While I am glad that we are not pregnant, I was also slightly sad too. I loved being pregnant with both girls and would not rule out getting pregnant again. I would just like to have a little more space between the next one.

Now I just need to figure out which friend is going to be the 3rd pregnancy announcement.