Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Am At A Loss...

because I cannot get my mind wrapped around this situation. All I can do is request that prayers are offered up to comfort this family...

I received this prayer request e-mail from a good friend of mine. I had heard about this tragedy on the news, but never expected to have such a connection to the story. I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain that the family is feeling.


Hello Dear Friends,

I come to you this evening to ask for a very special prayer request. I called a very dear friend of mine today and she sounded quite upset and couldn't talk. I finally spoke to her this evening and she told me a tragically sad story that is almost unbearable. One of her very best friend’s had not heard from her own daughter, so she went to her daughter’s house yesterday and walked in to find her two grandchildren horrifically murdered and ran out, her husband went in and found her daughter, let’s just say horribly murdered also.

I feel soooo much emotion and pain for this woman I don’t know, but I am a mother. Pleeease, pass this on and ask for a pouring out of the Lord’s spirit to her for comfort and the strength to make through what must be the most difficult thing a mother could go through. She has questioned where God was when this was happening, which I think is normal. But, I pray in time, she will know that as my friend told her, He was there with them.

I don’t know what else to say, though I feel so compelled to say more...just please pray and let’s see what a “huge” prayer chain we can have for this mother and tragedy.

And, if I may add, that the Lord’s justice will prevail.

Thank you for your prayers,



Here is the link to the news story about the situation...

The news is reporting that the boyfriend has been arrested and charged with these horrific crimes.


Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

They are in my thoughts and prayers. I can not imagine what this family is going through.

Joanna said...

Oh my gosh...I heard about this story on our local news!! My prayers are with their family.