Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm Going To The Park With Papa Ron!

This is the phrase that my 4-year old has been shouting from the roof tops since earlier this morning. My wonderful father-in-law asked if he could take Kyla to one of her favorite parks where the two of them could spend some fun time together.

As soon as he asked her out, she jumped out of bed and started getting ready. Less than 1/2 hour later, her bag was packed and waiting out front with her car seat & umbrella stroller. Then she spent the rest of the time making a picture of the two of them together, enjoying their day at the park. That was her special version of a Thank You note.

When he walked in the door, there were two very happy little girls. He sat down and held Bryleigh while he explained to her that she was too young to go with them, but that he could not wait until next year...

After some hugs and kisses, Bryleigh and I walked them to the car & waved good-bye.

Now Bryleigh & I can have some special time together. Can you belive that she is now 6 months old! At her doctor's appointment on the 12th, she weighed 16 lbs 8 ozs and was 26 1/4 inches long. My baby girl is growing up...and fast! Does anyone know where the pause button on a baby is located?


Kate said...

Too cute! Love that first photo :)

cancersucks said...

Papa Ron sounds like the BEST! Can he come take my youngest to the park...and potty train him while he is at it??? xoxox