Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just Need To Vent

before I explode!

This has been a yucky week already. My high speed cable

home phone

and cell phone

have been acting up...probably due to all the rain we have been having. Plus I just had to take my beloved Jeep

back to the shop for more repairs! I guess that I should look at the "peace & quiet" as a blessing...but I'm starting to get a little "twitchy" from the isolation!

And do you want to hear something funny. I sent a repair request via e-mail (as this is my only current form of communication and I get an automated response telling me to call them! They are so lucky that I cannot jump into my Jeep and drive down there to give them a piece of my mind!


Cool Gal said...

Hang in there, Scarlet.

I've been there before. My computer was out for 2 weeks. The first few days I about lost my mind, but then I got kind of used to it. I'm so addicted that the break was kind of nice.

I will say I was VERY happy when it was fixed.

You had a lot go out at once! It gives you a GOOD reason to need to vent a little.

Brighter days ahead...

Preppy 101 said...

Oh my gosh - I so understand the frustration with technology! Will drive you crazy! But then there is the calm and the quiet and - hmmmm. not so bad ;-)

Miss Madras said...

It's always something... hang in there it will get better.

Surf Girl said...

Don't you feel better now (maybe just a little)? It feels so good to just vent sometimes. We've done without the phone and computer and I thought I would go crazy. I hope your week gets better!!

Jaina said...

Ugh...that is really frustrating. I hope things get themselves sorted out and working again soon!

Domestic Diva said...

You had three- it happens in are good to GO NOW!!
Have a fabulous weekend!
xxxx me