Friday, June 5, 2009

Today Is National Donut Day.

So we got up first thing this morning to celebrate.

Kyla had a chocolate donut with coconut and a chocolate milk.

(Don't you like the lovely ensemble that she picked out? I am not allowed to pick out her clothes any longer because she is going to be a First Grader. We'll see how long I will be able to handle this...)

Mikey had a Double Chocolate Cake Donut and an Orange Juice.

(He was a little grumpy because the Mountain Dew that he really wanted was nixed.)

Bryleigh had a Chocolate Glazed Old Fashion and a Chocolate Milk. Her favorites!

Kadence had a Double Chocolate Cake Donut and a Chocolate Milk.

And Kaleigh had a Glazed Yeast Donut with Chocolate Frosting and Red, White, & Blue Sprinkles and a Chocolate Milk.

(Did you notice that Chocolate Milk was the beverage of choice for all the girls? They are all chocolate fiends like me...)

Did you celebrate this momentous event today?


Coordination Queen said...

I didn't celebrate, but Bryleigh is my kind of girl! That is my favorite!

Cool Gal said...

Those are the MOST adorable children.

Didn't make it to doughnut day. :(

Jaina said...

I had a donut, but after those pictures I'm craving another one :)

The Mrs. said...

Damn. That doesn't help operation Hot Bod.

BLC :o said...

Mmmmm. Xoxo-BLC

Mags said...

Your children are too cute!

We missed the holiday, but celebrated it today at Dunkin Donuts. :) All 3 of my kids are chocolate fiends too...they had the chocolate frosted donuts and chocolate milk.

Crysm said...

I had no idea such a wonderful day exsisted. But you can count on finding us celebrating a bit late on Monday.

Surf Girl said...

They are too cute! My boy practically hyperventilates when I agree to Dunkin Donuts on Saturdays. :)